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Yacht Vacations vs Cruise Ship Holiday

Charter yachts and cruise ships offer holidays on the water, but only charter yachts are intimate, shared only with family and friends. Charters offer flexible itineraries and VIP service. The itinerary, activities and menu are customized to your wishes, carefully planned with the expertise of the Captain and the talents of the chef. Unlike a cruise ship, if you find an anchorage especially appealing, or want dock at an unscheduled port, change your schedule! You are in control!

Yacht Charter fits your budget. There is a yacht charter that is right for everyone that enjoys being on the water. Select yachts will propose yachts to suit your budget, from celebrity superyachts for high profile clients to modest catamarans for groups of college friends, there is wide range of availability. Basically, the price is scaled to the level of luxury, with cozy honeymoon crewed sailing yachts starting at $5000 per week, inclusive of meals and bar. Yacht charter is as an opportunity to share uninterrupted time with special friends and family. Sharing costs makes the price per person competitive with many other vacation options. Yacht charters are a great value – one of the world’s best kept vacation secrets!

Charter Yacht CrewWhat about the crew?   Private charter yachts hire full time professional crew. Depending on the size of the vessel, the complement may consist of Captain, Chef, Mate, Engineer, Deckhand and Stewardess. Generally, the larger the yacht, the larger the crew. The yacht’s employees are carefully screened during the interviewing process and continually evaluated for performance by the Captain and yacht Owner to ensure great service!

What do I wear? On board, casual chic styles with a bathing suits for lounging or plunging off the aft deck. For formal dinners on board, exclusive restaurants, theaters and clubs, pack several dresses, dinner Croatia windsurfingjackets, and closed shoes. In general, the Mediterranean is dressier than the Caribbean.

For more detailed information please view: Etiquette in Foreign Ports

What activities are available on board a charter yacht? Water sports are favorites; water-skiing, windsurfing, kite surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, kayaking, paddle boards and Jet Skiskeep the adrenaline pumping! Splashing in the sea is the fun way to spend quality time with family and friends. The formal or casual dining is spectacular, from fresh catch al fresco to beach barbecues, prepared to your preference. Crews always have ideas for games and theme parties, it’s part of their job description. In the evening, head to the flybridge to marvel at a million stars. Relax on the aft deck with a cognac and coffee. Your crew knows how to organize activities to suit your charter group, from extreme to decadent to leisurely, or a bit of everything, your charter vacation will be the best ever!

Advice-FAQ page is designed to answer basic questions. We hope we’ve inspired you to contact Select Yachts Charter Brokers for details.


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