Dive Charter Aboard Catamaran LAYSAN

Author: Lisa Larsen

Imagine experiencing some of the world’s best scuba diving sites from your own private luxury yacht!

If you’re like most divers, once you dive the British Virgin Islands you’ll be keen to return again and again. And whether this is your first dive charter in the BVI, or you’re a veteran, you’ll enjoy the ultimate dive experience aboard luxury sailing catamaran LAYSAN.

Dive Charter Aboard Catamaran LAYSAN

The BVI has a remarkable history of pirates and legendary ships and myths of lost treasures. Exotic sea life dances on the stage of this photogenic backdrop. This drama adds a captivating dimension to a scuba dive charter. It’s no wonder that the British Virgin Islands consistently ranks at the top of dive magazine polls.

Dive Charter Aboard Catamaran LAYSANDive Charter Aboard Catamaran LAYSANAboard LAYSAN, you will experience some of the world’s best sailing, beautiful islands, stunning beaches and safe anchorages. Your crew, Captain Will, Chef Nicole and Mate Remi, share the wonders of these islands, above and below the waterline. The main islands of Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Anegada, Jost Van Dyke and Peter Island, have great bars, restaurants, hiking trails, historic sites, shopping and spas. Your customized itinerary can include lots of activities for non-divers to enjoy.

For divers of all levels, the dive sites scattered around the islands are about infinite. Plus, the same site never looks exactly the same twice. It is nearly impossible to dive all of the sites, even once. Which is why Captain Will presents the following highlights for you. On his yacht charter, dive into the undersea world of magical reefs and historic wrecks bursting with ocean life.

Dive Wreck Alley

Dive Charter Aboard Catamaran LAYSANJust off Cooper island, this site certainly lives up to its name. This artificial reef scuba diving destination consists of four sunken vessels to be explored. The site rests on sandy bottom and the sunken ships are located close to the reef wall. There are numerous fish species to view; grunts, parrot fish, snapper, moray eels and grouper. Wreck Alley is known for a vast area of garden eels along the outer edge of the wrecks and a large number of stingrays. Large expanses of blue water freely flow between the vessels, which provides nice views to all.

Dive Flintstones

Dive Charter Aboard Catamaran LAYSANHere the sandy sea floor supports beautiful underwater boulders and ledges that aptly take their name from the prehistoric cartoon town of Bedrock. Corals, tube sponges, sea fans and underwater plants cover most of the rocks and provide perfect hiding spots for multicolored fish, eels, lobsters, rays and nurse sharks. The colorful scenery is a delight to capture on camera.

Dive Alice’s Wonderland

Coral of all colors paint a wonderland picture that is truly amazing. It’s the mushroom shaped coral formations that give the name to this site. Adding to the flourishing psychedelic garden are pillar, star and brain corals, green and purple sea fans and a stunning array of marine life including Hawksbill turtles, reef sharks and rays.

Dive RMS Rhone

The wreck of the Royal Mail Steamer Rhone (voted the best Caribbean wreck dive by Sport Diver & Rodales Magazines) is just a short sail offshore. Sunk in a hurricane in 1867, Rhone is one of the most popular wreck dives in the world. Having been submerged for nearly 150 years, she is now totally encapsulated with corals. This famous wreck is a lovely dive, full of fish activity; yellow moray, lobster, barracuda, Jack, Soldierfish, Spotted Drum, Queen Angelfish, Cowfish, and octopus. Rhone has all the angles to thrill underwater photography buffs.

Dive Twin Towers

On the north side of little Jost Van Dyke, two underwater towers and caves full of life make this a most unusual site waiting to be discovered. The soaring towers are huge boulders covered in coral. Search for eagle rays, tarpons and schools of reef squid.

Dive Coral Gardens

Dive Charter Aboard Catamaran LAYSANNext to Peter island, this beautiful wall is decorated with a fantasia of coral formations. The wreck of a small plane was also placed at this location as part of the BVI’s reef program. Lobsters, stingrays, barracuda and turtles welcome you to their home territory. Garden eels at the sea bottom bid you farewell until your next dive.

Dive Chikuzen

Named for the 246-foot shipwreck and known for diving with sharks, this incredible dive site is located between Tortola and Anegada. Chikuzen is in open waters, so the visibility is very good. Colorful corals and sponges cover the rocky formations and the ship. In Dive Charter Aboard Catamaran LAYSANaddition to sharks, the water is teaming with exotic fish and underwater life, sized from small to gigantic, cloaked in all the colors of the rainbow.

So many sites to choose from! Daily planning gives divers multiple options to explore. And while you’re under the sea, Chef Nicole is cooking up some mouthwatering dishes for your return. While divers explore the underwater wonders, non-divers can snorkel, splash about on water toys, sun on sandy beaches, go on hiking trails, or just relax.

We really looking forward to welcoming you aboard LAYSAN!

Scuba Special: On board scuba diving with PADI instructor Captain Will!!

  • 3 dives included free on charter ($200 non-refundable deposit per diver.)
  • Additional dives at $50 per dive, up to 6 divers.

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