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Smart Luggage 2015

Luggage: Briggs and Riley BRX Line luggage

Briggs & Riley BRX Line

Luggage needs to be flexible and compact because storage space on a charter yacht is limited. Invariably charter guests are frustrated when, at the conclusion of the charter, they are tempted to throw non essentials overboard to accommodate new purchases, or buy an overpriced carry-on in the international terminal.

Take heart intrepid traveler, luggage is not what it used to be. Now there are high-tech, modular luggage pieces that can grow, shrink and shift shapes to transport you and all of your possessions from ship to shore. On a yacht charter, leave your Louis Vuitton set at home, and adopt luggage that adapts.

Briggs and Riley BRX Line

Built for the “urban sophisticate gone global,” these stylish bags are designed with the magic of “compression technology”, which means you can pack in more than you think. Bags are soft-sided, collapse to fit in tight places, and come with an unconditional lifetime warranty.

Charter Yacht Luggage, Cross Trek 22" Wheeled Carry-On

Cross Trek 22″ Wheeled Carry-On

Even better, if you need more than one suitcase, they can piggy-back together to move through trains and terminals with ease. The BRX line of large check-in suitcases, carry-ons, duffle bags and backpacks, features:

Cross-Trek by Granite Gear

Top pick for 2015 are the Cross Trek wheeled series from Granite Gear. All are soft sided and waterproof with “fall out” bottom compartments for extra space, and shoulder and waste straps to covert to a backpack. The 26″ wheeled duffle is too large to be practical as a backpack, but the 22” is manageable and the Cross-Trek wheeled upright carry-on with removable 28L back pack is genius. Retail: 189.99 Cross Trek Series Granite Gear

Charter Yacht Luggage Eagle Creek Lync System 26 Luggage

EC Lync System 26

Eagle Creek Lync System 26

Highly recommended by professional travelers, the Eagle Creek Lync System 26 is easy to transport, multifunctional, roomy, and collapses flat and disassembles for convenient storage. The number of compartments simplifies organization, and the ability to transform from a rolling bag into a backpack adds versatility. Great for clothes, but the lightweight material will not protect fragile items. Eagle Creek Lync System 26 Retail: $279.95

The Eagle Creek Morphus is a soft suitcase with ingenious packing options. The combined bag looks like a normal wheeled suitcase. The main compartment zips off to create a backpack with removable, padded shoulder straps, and the lining pulls out to create a second rolling suitcase. This allows you to pack one suitcase, detach the backpack for shore excursions and use it on your return trip to pack souvenirs and duty free purchases.

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