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The Grenadines according to Captain Gordon Monson on sailing yacht Liberte are some of the most spectacular ports of call in the world. Captain Gordon shares his inside perspective of the best of the best, from St Lucia south through the Grenadines. Contact us for detailed information about the amazing yacht charter options in the GrenadinesGrenadines.

St Lucia

St Lucia is the northernmost Windward Island in the Caribbean and an ideal point of embarkation for a luxury yacht charter through the Grenadines. I dock Liberte in Marigot Bay, a small cove with a lot of history. Its unique character makes it a very special place, the local folks are warm and friendly and the small, enchanting sea side restaurants and bars warmly welcome you to this tropical island paradise.

St Lucia has so much to offer and so much for one to experience, its fresh unspoilt environment stimulates and relaxes anyone who sets foot on the Islands beautiful soil. St Lucia also offers an amazing anchorage situated at the foot of the Pitons, St Lucia’s most dominant part of it’s landscape. These two magnificent peaks shade this comfortable anchorage in their breathtaking size and beauty. The Anchorage provides you with one of the best sunset views in the Caribbean, one that the crew on Liberte’ love and always look forward to sharing with guests…

St. Vincent and The Grenadines, Port Elizabeth, Bequia

Port Elizabeth, Bequia

St Lucia to St Vincent

This is a fast-paced, exciting sail, filled with beautiful sights all the way down South. The Island of St Vincent offers many beautiful beaches, coconut palm forests, dazzling waterfalls, quaint and colorful local fishing boats, and breathtaking landscapes, its hard not to stop, take a swim, take a breath and take it all in.


Bequia is a small, enchanting island in situated just south of St Vincent in the Grenadines. The island provides a quiet safe anchorage with crystal clear water. The small, picturesque town has delightfully very relaxed beach bars, warm and entertaining local folk, and the local Rasta market, where Liberte’ restocks witha variety of the freshest fruits, coconuts and fish. Bequia is an island that will leave you smiling and contemplating about packing up your job and your house and moving there to live forever.

The Grenadines, St. Vincent and the Grenadines



This sophisticated, world class, private island is home to the rich and famous, with luxury villas and restaurants that contribute to a once in a life time peak into the celebrity lifestyle here. The landscape is bucolic, with
green hills sloping down into sparkling white sand beaches that collide with turquoise waters and coral reefs. Keep your bathing suits on as the snorkeling is out of this world. Basil’s famous beach bar will make sure your pallet stays moist and your stomach full. The beauty and picture perfect setting of this island is like a dream world, a must see when visiting the Grenadines.

Tobago Cays

Tobago Cay

Tobago Cay

When the Sun disappears over the horizon and the sky slowly changes from shades of orange to deep red, darker and darker, the first star seems magically appear, its not alone, as the sky deepens in color and the night approaches the sky fills with millions of stars, beautiful bright small specks. Too many to fathom, shooting star after shooting star, your mind wonders into its own world of happy thoughts and bewilderment. The sky illuminates and pierces the waters surface and if you peer over the side you can see the fish, sand and coral all by starlight.

The Tobago Cays offer some of the best snorkeling in the world, with the clearest waters in the Caribbean and the whitest beaches, these Cays are very difficult to sail away from.

The Grenadines Luxury Yacht Charter, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Petite St. Vincent

Petit St Vincent

This unspoilt island is located well off the tourist mainstream and can be best described by what is not found there; no television, no airport, etc. What the Island does offer is untouched nature, warm crystal-clear turquoise waters, windswept coconut palms, beautiful white beaches, a very secluded, well run resort, and lots of privacy. As you walk along the beach you will notice that yours are the only footprints in the sand and enjoy the feeling that the island is all your own.

Union Island

There is a great anchorage at Union Island, with superb spots for snorkeling and beach

The Grenadines Crewed Luxury Yacht Charter, Union Island

Union Island

combing. The landscape is characterized by a dramatic profile of ridges and peaks, the highest of which takes its moniker from the Greeks, Mount Parnassus. There are beautiful beaches and many excellent snorkeling spots to be explored. This vibrant island also showcases diverse cultures and a myriad of special celebrations. The streets of Clifton, the main town, are bustling with people making their way through the colorful maze of alleyways and scrubby streets. With such interesting, friendly and hospitable people, visitors find it easy to wind down to island time.

Palm Island

Previously known as “Prune Island”, the new name reflects the hundreds of palm trees which line the beaches of this idyllic tropical paradise. This island provides the utmost seclusion, here the natural beauty and tranquility are incomparable. Palm Island is unique in its own way, the perfect Robinson Crusoe Island, with magnificent clear waters, gently swaying palm trees and dazzling white sand beaches, the ultimate paradise.

The Grenadines, Yacht Charter, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Mareau



This island is perfect for a land and sea vacation, with some great spots to explore on land as well as in the water. The windward side of Mayreau is one huge deserted stretch of beach, you could spend eternity exploring, swimming, tanning, building sand castles, or just relaxing.  The underwater world of this beautiful island is breath taking and awe-inspiring. Snorkeling among the parti-colored fish and coral is an ecstatic experience. The local folk are warm, friendly people, that greet everyone with a broad smile. It’s a happy place, and a place that will live fondly in your memories forever.


Carriacou is the largest of the Grenadine Islands. Volcanic actions have created an interesting topography of wooded hillsides that rise up dramatically in places and give this island its jagged coastline. Many coral reefs ring the island, keeping calm the waters that reach the beautiful sandy beaches that fringe this spectacular place.

The people of Carriacou share a rich history and culture. Shore excursions should include an interesting historical tour and visit to one of the small rum shops. The island is great for beach combing and exploring, and hillside views are sensational. The island is off the beaten track and offers a welcomed break from more crowded tourist destinations. It is truly a sublime retreat for those in search of a true Caribbean experience. Small multi-colored wood houses that nestle in the surrounding hills are bathed in the reflections of the strong turquoise waters. This picturesque setting creates a beautiful backdrop, especially at sunset.

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