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Sailing on Catamaran Belline II is like a magic carpet ride... "On a cloud of sound Any place it goes is right Goes far, flies near, to the stars away from here... " (Steppenwolf) Her two hulls give space... speed and stability Leave your stress, traffic jams, gotta-dos, hafta-dos and if you wish even your cell/mobile/wifi/keepintouch-devices behind and experience the richness of a lonely island, a quiet bay, a deserted beach on the fully equipped yacht. Diving... off the yacht and into crystal clear, warm waters, blending into the world of stunning underwater playgrounds, showing the fish your big grin. Enjoy the unspoiled beauty of the most fascinating reefs still alive in the world today. Or even blow the first bubbles under water with your own PADI dive instructor. During your sailing cruise you can enjoy all the on-board toys and top your vacation experience with our wakeboard, double seated kayak, fishing rods, aquanaut and much more activities tomake your sailing holidays a great success! We love eating, so we love food - and we love to cook! We are devoted to enjoying preparing new and different meals as well as the classic, traditional dishes. You will see how we can surprise you. Belline II is perfect for a sailing vacation with both, friends and family. Its Sun and Fun. Who knows, maybe soon you are sitting on deck with a cold drink in your hand! (and a big grin!)!!!

Yacht Accomodations

Full Refit over the 2011/2012 year.
Four luxurious cabins offer our guests private and comfortable accommodation. Each cabin has a queen-size bed, complete inventory of towels, bookshelves and fans, and ample storage space.

Private en suite head and shower with hot and cold water, hair dryers,towels and soaps are provided to your convenience.

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Walter Wegmann

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Other Toys

14ft. Tender, 60 Hp Yamaha
Water Ski ,
Pool Noodles
Inner Tube
Wake Board
Beach Games
Sorry, no fishing in the BVI.

Crew Profile

Walter Wegmann Captain and Chef
After April, 2017, Walter will be available for charters "on request", with Arlette and Jeremie taking the helm on a full-time basis.

Walter is a licensed captain and a certified mechanic from Switzerland. He always has a helping hand for other boaters, too! They call him, Walter-will-fix-it.

During a very cold and rainy summer in Europe in 1987, Walter shruffed off the chill and flew off to the Dominican Republic for a dive vacation. He fell in love with the beauty of the Caribbean and stayed, opening one of the first European dive schools there. He never stopped dreaming from the perfect dive & relax vacation solution.

In 1991 he went to France and setting foot for the first time on Belline ll. After some customization work on the catamaran, Walter sailed through the challenging Bay of Biscay, off to the Mediterranean Sea, where he cruised along the French coast, the Spains Balearic Islands, Gibraltar and the Canary Islands. From there Walter and his crew set Bellines sails for the crossing of the broad Atlantic. They had a wonderfully quiet and blissful crossing, and made landfall 21 days later in the British Virgin Islands. Walter and his crew thought they where the next Columbus in Paradise, when they found that the beer at Pussers was only a nickel! (What they didnt know was, they had landed on a Thursday, when Pussers Pub was celebrating a special nickel-night).

Walter will be not only be your all-inclusive vacations charter yacht captain, but also your gourmet chef, as cooking is hes true passion! Somebody even said: You cook better than my mother! That says everything, doesnt it?

During all this time Walter has hosted over 3000 guests and made lots of new friends, many returning year after year to enjoy their "dream come true" Caribbean vacation.

Arlette Wyss First mate and dive instructor

Arlette Wyss is also a native of Switzerland. She is a certified horse trainer, specializing in a variety of equestrian disciplines. She traveled extensively the past 5 years, crossing the USA by Greyhound bus from west to east, working in Idaho and Nevada as a real cowgirl, reprised that role in Brasil as a gauchera on a facenda, conquered the Amazon, hiked through Iceland, drove all over New Zealand, slept under the stars in the Sahara Desert and explored the west coast of Greenland on a sailing expedition.

But nothing can beat the beautiful Caribbean and the life on the water. She was only a small child when she was the first time sailing on Belline II with her family. That obviously impressed her enough to return again and again, and to dream of a life on Belline II. Arlette has a Swiss yachtmasters license, a 50ft RIB license and VHF certification. Also as a professional PADI dive instructor shes always happy to take you on a dive around the most stunning reefs of the Caribbean or even blow the first bubbles with you! Arlette achieved a Swiss certification in professional bartending, presentation and service of drinks and snacks.

Her happy face earns her favour and empathy and a smile is always there, even in moments when its hectic, with quick thinking and action required. She is comfortable running all deck duties, and she keeps all water sports activities fully under control.

Arlette has been crewing on-and-off with the Belline ll on several charters in the past three years and she worked with Walter in the summer months in the boat yard.

Joining with Arlette aboard Belline 2 in Spring, 2017:

Jeremie Rouaix: Chef Improv Extraordinaire, Passionate Kite Instructor & All round Good Vibe Ambassador turns love for food into a feast for all and gets you up and kiting with a confident grin
32 years ago this compassionate, free spirit Jeremy was born in the mountains of Grenoble, France. With a powerful inner call for freedom, he left home at the age of 15 to start a nomadic life in his home country. He set off to quench his thirst to learn about and share his first passion, cooking. A quest driven by his motto, a day not learned is a day not lived, guiding him in every venture that was to come.
His passion for cooking lead him to the South of France, mastering the healthy Mediterranean style of making pizza, tapas, meats and fish. Influenced by living close to the Ocean, he further developed his love for the art working with what he has. One that is characterized by his unique inventive style that has friends and guests all over the world demanding that if there is a party, or it simply being time to eat, that Jeremy cooks.
His nomadic drive had him travel around the world, working extensively in the hospitality and restaurant industry for 10 years, inspiring his inventive cooking even further. Perfecting his Mediterranean cuisine with an Italian chef in Australia, teaching him the finer trade secrets for recipes such as pizza dough. Applying and improvising the Thai kitchen, integrating Moroccan cuisine and developing his delicious trademark, and secret, burger recipe, to creating an array of Tuna dishes. Can you say Yum? 
Fast forward to today, he is now installing himself on Belline II and becoming a valued member of the crew. Adding to the team and guest experience a style of cuisine that proves to be ideal for the Caribbean environment where improvisation is a high in demand skill. Most importantly nourishing all with a zest and love for creating recipes from fresh local produce that tantalizes many a taste bud and stomach. We dare you to pass on one of his creations, arg!
As much as travelling has influenced and honed his culinary skills, being passionate Jeremy, the man developed more than one skill. While on vacation he fell in love with Kite Surfing. A love affair of such an intense nature he decided leave France, sell everything and finance his training to become a Certified IKO Level2 Instructor with CPR First Aid, in Kho Pan gang Thailand.
Even though the kiting there was bad due to light winds, his go-getter attitude applied these conditions to learn to kite and teach in the most varied of conditions. This was 7 years ago and he has not regretted it for one second. Since then he has been travelling the world even more, teaching kiting, managing schools and enjoying the life.
After Thailand he moved on to Freemantle in Australia, followed by Dakhla in Morocco. Next was the Bahamas with its pristine blue waters. Even though the wind was unreliable, seeing Manta Ray and shark under his board while kiting made this the most beautiful place he kited in his life. The next few years he spent exploring the Caribbean Islands and South America, teaching kiting and making friends with his cooking skills.
His enthusiasm for sharing what he loves and passion for life in general, comes through in his skill to teach. In particular, he loves sharing his knowledge and love for water and kiting with beginners. Approaching it with a have fun in the water attitude, gently pushing his students to progress, to have a big smile when they come out of the water. Fueling their stoke from dreamer to actually kiting and giving them the self-confidence to continue on their own when initial training is over.
Speaking fluent French and English, advanced Spanish and a wee bit of Italian and Dutch we are confident he will be able to transfer his knowledge, experience and passion to all. This on top of his positive, humorous and can-do attitude, always willing to share good vibes and a hug where requested, we believe he will fit in perfectly on Belline II and our Back to Basics philosophy.

Walter will be available by request and/or for repeat guests aboard Belline 2

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